Hello there,

Thank you for taking out time to read about me, I hope after knowing me in a few words you will feel more comfortable connecting with me.

As you see my profession is all about making existing or new products or services visible to the user and to make a connection with their potential customers to be able to trust their brand.

Being a Digital Marketing consultant myself I believe it’s much better to connect in a more alive way than just making you read an essay about me, so without wasting your precious time let me tell you why My profession even exists! So, it will be better for you to understand why
you need my help.

I stay by the rule – Clarity in action and connection are essential.

So, what is Digital Marketing? And why do we need to adapt it?

The generation we live in is entirely running on the bases of information and technology and we have just started, so you can imagine the future even when you can’t! interesting right? We have online platforms to connect and share everything from literally anywhere to everywhere!

To name a few top ones :

  1. Google Ads
  2. Meta Ads
  3. Amazon Ads
  4. Shopify Store Management
  5. LinkedIn Automation
  6. What’s App Business

These platforms carry the power we still are not aware about properly and to be aware we need to learn about them from the very start and most importantly from someone who has the in-depth knowledge and experience about these platforms.

That’s exactly when I (TechSolvent) come into the picture.

There is so much to learn from these platforms and use them to grow not just your brand or company but yourself as well, as we all know ‘Knowledge is the Key to everything but we need to know when, where and how to use them to get the desired results.

Social media is not just about having a certain number of followers or trending on a viral videos by sharing your selfies and funny videos. It’s has a deeper use and meaning to it like –

When you have the power to connect with the entire world by just following few steps in the right way at the right time, why would you not want it?

Why would you not want to earn money smartly when you can by sitting comfortably in your couch!

The beauty of technology is it doesn’t want You to change your geographical location to be visible to the world. You just need to learn the tools to figure out how these machines (Platforms) works!


My company TechSolvent is just about it. To help you understand your power and support you to achieve those goals. It’s not rocket science but knowledge and proper research.

There are so many ways to get the sales number you wished for and your product/service is
potential of.

  • Get you and your brand a global visibility
  • Help you understand what you can earn from sitting on that comfy couch.
  • To help you connect with people with whom you can collaborate.

To make a difference in the world just by getting the right help and support and you don’t need to know the entire process of how exactly it’s done but you need to take the first step by connecting with ME ( Abhishek Mudgal – Digital Marketing Consultant ), Tech solvent.

You can choose the medium of your choice for connection.

So, I request you stop overthinking and doubting the process of digital marketing. if it works or not, there is no question about it. Rather ask yourself: What are you waiting for? Digital marketing works because it’s made to work in the first place not to just scroll for hours looking at others and questioning yourself, it’s made to make money via connecting. Simple.
I hope I have answered a few of your questions and raised a lot more questions, Let’s connect and get you and your brand in sync with today’s time and tools Take care till then. 

I hope to connect with you soon.